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L’Invité D&B: Moldova’s election: a strong popular vote for a “weak” political institution

The existing configuration in the parliament and executive branch does not serve Sandu’s plans to implement immediate radical changes. She has to confront a parliament without a majority and a government that was appointed by Dodon. That limits her maneuverability considerably at the beginning of her mandate. Positive and negative scenarios can both emerge out of the lack of ability to leverage power.

CEC: La Moldavie de nouveau en suspens

Le scrutin présidentiel moldave du 1er novembre permettra d’évaluer les rapports de force entre des partis diamétralement opposés, plus ou moins affranchis des manipulations de l’oligarque Vlad Plahotniuc.

L’Invité D&B: “Inevitable” geopolitical elections in Moldova

The EU looks at the elections as yet another test, after which it will decide how to calibrate its financial assistance. The Russian politicians are shaping instead a narrative that aims to counter the Western presence.

L’Invité D&B: The EU’s eastern neighborhood at a new crossroad – between electoral riddles and security crises

Healing the Eastern Neighborhood from anti-democratic shortcomings and insecurity must become a European priority, and to achieve this goal, the EU needs quick and preventive strategic thinking and planning.

L’Invité D&B: Moldova – presidential elections without a “geopolitical vote”?

Which candidate is to win the geopolitical vote in Moldova upcoming presidential election? Analysis by Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: Belarus – a new “velvet revolution” in the Eastern Partnership?

Post-election protests in Belarus have started a democratic revolution, albeit not yet openly embraced by its participants. Its first success is the mobilization and solidarity between distinct social categories, which have never before exercised their fundamental rights publicly and collectively.

L’Invité D&B: Germany’s Presidency in the EU Council and the Eastern Partnership’s future: A Guide to handling an “uncomfortable” reality

The “trio” presidency, which starts with Germany, should consider creative solutions that can introduce more objective, nuanced and sharp “rules of the game” for the Eastern Partnership.

L’Invité D&B: The visa-free regime, quarantine of EU borders and the “passport of immunity”

Massive testing, detection and isolation of the infected is the only solution to increase the health credibility of Eastern neighbors among Europeans and revive the liberalized visa regime for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine...

L’Invité D&B: The EU’s conditionality and fighting Euroscepticism in Eastern Partnership

The variety of Euroscepticism in the EU's Eastern Neighborhood is growing as political contacts intensify, and European practices expand. The increased visibility of the EU in the region accentuates various forms of Euroscepticism. These stem from the reactions of authoritarian or hybrid regimes to European intentions to democratically reform its Eastern European neighbors. However, the most visible Euroscepticism arises from Russian geopolitical discourse, amplified by Russian disinformation. By Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: On the effects of the Pandemic – between European solidarity and the Eastern neighbourhood’s resilience

The EU openly recognizes that the resilience of its Eastern neighbours is a priority. The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates how important it is to coordinate actions both within the EU and between Brussels and its eastern neighbourhood.