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L’Invité D&B: The EU’s eastern neighborhood at a new crossroad – between electoral riddles and security crises

Healing the Eastern Neighborhood from anti-democratic shortcomings and insecurity must become a European priority, and to achieve this goal, the EU needs quick and preventive strategic thinking and planning.

L’Invité D&B: The visa-free regime, quarantine of EU borders and the “passport of immunity”

Massive testing, detection and isolation of the infected is the only solution to increase the health credibility of Eastern neighbors among Europeans and revive the liberalized visa regime for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine...

L’Invité D&B: On the effects of the Pandemic – between European solidarity and the Eastern neighbourhood’s resilience

The EU openly recognizes that the resilience of its Eastern neighbours is a priority. The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates how important it is to coordinate actions both within the EU and between Brussels and its eastern neighbourhood.

L’Invité D&B: “Anti-oligarchic spring” or temporary illusions in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia

The political events in Moldova complement the regional trends in the Eastern Partnership, where after Armenia in 2018 the oligarchic regimes of Ukraine and Georgia began to shake. However, the diminishing of the oligarchic influence must be a permanent and holistic objective, and in no case a temporary action aimed at a single oligarch.

L’Invité D&B: Visa liberalization in Moldova after five years: weaknesses of good governance and comparisons to Ukraine and Georgia

Georgia’s nervousness around the European concerns contrasts with the calm attitude of Moldova and Ukraine, which prefer to solve the departures related to the visa-free regime with minimum publicity

L’Invité D&B: Adaptability of Russian factor in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in European integration context

Owing to the existence of pro-Russian parties that are ready to reach agreements with for now unknown concessions, Russia’s prospects in Moldova are clearly superior to those it can pursue in Georgia or Ukraine...

RFI : En Géorgie, l’indépendance de l’Eglise ukrainienne échauffe les esprits

Questions/réponses dans l’emission de RFI “Bonjour l’Europe” du 2 janvier 2019 Pour écouter l’émission, cliquer ici

RFI : Géorgie – après la présidentielle, sentiment de scrutin volé

Reportage diffusé sur RFI le 2 décembre 2018 Quelques milliers de sympathisants de l’opposition ont protesté ce dimanche contre l’élection présidentielle, qu’ils jugent volée. Mercredi 28 novembre, Salomé Zourabichvili, une ex-diplomate française d’origine géorgienne, a été élue au second tour après que l’oligarque Bidzina Ivanichvili a promis de racheter 600 000 prêts contractés par des Géorgiens en ...

Le Figaro : Géorgie – Ivanichvili-Saakachvili, le vrai duel du second tour de la présidentielle

Article publié dans le Figaro le 27 novembre 2018 Le face-à-face s’annonce serré mercredi entre les deux candidats à ce poste désormais honorifique, l’un soutenu par l’oligarque, l’autre par l’ancien président en exil. À Tbilissi (Extraits) Sans doute la Géorgie poursuit-elle sa démocratisation. Mais cela se fait dans la défiance, voire la haine. Les démocraties ...

L’invité D&B: Future of Association Agreements in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia: local, European and Russian factors

By Dionis Cenuşa° – initially published on IPN ° Dionis Cenuşa is a political scientist from Moldova who works as Program Director on Energy Security at the Independent Economic Think-tank “Expert-Group”, based in Chisinau. Internal players that do not take part in governance in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia can guarantee a better implementation of the Agreements, but ...