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L’Invité D&B: The EU’s eastern neighborhood at a new crossroad – between electoral riddles and security crises

Healing the Eastern Neighborhood from anti-democratic shortcomings and insecurity must become a European priority, and to achieve this goal, the EU needs quick and preventive strategic thinking and planning.

L’Invité D&B: Moldova – presidential elections without a “geopolitical vote”?

Which candidate is to win the geopolitical vote in Moldova upcoming presidential election? Analysis by Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: The visa-free regime, quarantine of EU borders and the “passport of immunity”

Massive testing, detection and isolation of the infected is the only solution to increase the health credibility of Eastern neighbors among Europeans and revive the liberalized visa regime for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine...

L’Invité D&B: The Eurasian Union and the health crisis: lacking integration and geopolitical ambitions

L'Invité D&B This crisis is testing both the advanced European and underdeveloped Eurasian supranationalisms. By Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: The “falling governments” in Moldova and Ukraine: 4 similarities and 2 differences

Currently, the reforms carried out in Moldova and Ukraine stick more to the political actors than to the collective public agenda. Therefore, the development partners tend to intervene as a force with higher moral authority to counterbalance the local political exponents, which compromise the reforms in countries such as Moldova.

L’Invité D&B: “Macronization” of EU-Russia ties and effects on Eastern neighborhood

Macron's rehabilitation of relations with Russia without its political transformation, preceded by the liberation of the Ukrainian territory, may result in a robust Russian emphasis on European integration in the EU's eastern neighbourhood.

L’Invité D&B: Year of “Shortened” Europtimism in Moldova: Top 3 Successes and Setbacks in 2019

2019, a complicated year for the Euro-integration process in Moldova. Time for a sharpened pragmatism? By Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: Romania-Moldova dialogue: from “calm tone” to the conditionality regime

Because of renewed conditionality imposed by Romania, the Moldova opposition and the civil society become again major partners in monitoring the reforms on the European agenda - Dionis Cenusa

L’Invité D&B: Traumatized European perspective in EU’s vicinity and the Moldovan echoes

Inner tensions, lack of geopolitical projection and frustration of European aspirations of neighbors: the EU's actions as well as inactions weakens its position in Moldova and in the neighborhood. It opens the door for new actors to take over.

L’Invité D&B: Is there European integration after Maia Sandu’s government?

Moldova is at a new political crossroads, but the European focus on domestic and foreign policy cannot be radically changed overnight by Dionis Cenusa