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L’Invité D&B: On the effects of the Pandemic – between European solidarity and the Eastern neighbourhood’s resilience

The EU openly recognizes that the resilience of its Eastern neighbours is a priority. The Covid-19 crisis demonstrates how important it is to coordinate actions both within the EU and between Brussels and its eastern neighbourhood.

Le Monde : Coronavirus : le pouvoir ultraconservateur exclut de reporter l’élection présidentielle en Pologne

Les différents partis d’opposition critiquent le maintien en mai du vote, défendu par la majorité ultraconservatrice, dont est membre le chef de l’Etat sortant, Andrzej Duda.


Idée D&B: Sortie de sa ligne droite, l’Ukraine est (de nouveau) à un carrefour

Des changements au sommet de l'Etat mal compris, des perspectives de réformes incertaines, un jeu flou des oligarques et des groupes pro-Poutine, le tout compliqué par la crise du coronavirus... l'Ukraine de nouveau à un carrefour.

L’Invité D&B: The “falling governments” in Moldova and Ukraine: 4 similarities and 2 differences

Currently, the reforms carried out in Moldova and Ukraine stick more to the political actors than to the collective public agenda. Therefore, the development partners tend to intervene as a force with higher moral authority to counterbalance the local political exponents, which compromise the reforms in countries such as Moldova.

Ukraine-Russia: how fast everything changes

Hard to keep track of Donbass- and Crimea-related news because of the coronavirus psychosis. Yet it seems like the framework of Ukraine-Russia relations has changed fundamentally within the scope of a few weeks.

La Croix : En perte de vitesse, le président ukrainien renvoie son gouvernement

Article publié sur le site de La Croix le 05/03/2020 Analyse. Six mois après sa nomination, le premier ministre Oleksiy Honcharouk a été renvoyé mercredi 4 mars après un vote unanime du Parlement ukrainien, acquis au président Volodymyr Zelensky. Plusieurs scandales et une chute dans les sondages ont scellé le destin d’un gouvernement réformateur. Fabrice ...

Patriarch Kiril of Moscow and Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria on a friendly visit in 2017. Source: Russian Orthodox Church External Relations Department

L’Invité D&B: Eastern Orthodox Conflicts Expands from Africa to the Balkans

From Constantinople to Montenegro, from Moscow to Kyiv and Alexandria, upheavals in the Eastern Orthodox Church may look like issues based around arcane religious laws that can be difficult to follow and only of interest to devout men in black robes, but they go to the heart of conflicts in their respective countries with political, and even military and intelligence, implications - Anthony Bartaway

BMB Ukraine: Coronavirus Fears Spark Panic in Ukraine

Column published in the February 21 issue of BMB Ukraine. Fabrice Deprez is the managing editor and writer of BMB Ukraine, a weekly brief focused on political developments in Ukraine. You can subscribe here. The arrival in Ukraine of a plane evacuating 45 Ukrainians and 27 foreigners from the Chinese city of Wuhan sparked a ...

Ukraine Verstehen: 37 or 65 millions? Is Ukraine’s demographic decline unavoidable?

Zelenskyy spoke of 65 million Ukrainians. His minister Dubilet instead shows 37,289 million people living in Ukraine. With such contrasting figures, is Ukraine's demographic decline unavoidable?

L’Invité D&B: “Macronization” of EU-Russia ties and effects on Eastern neighborhood

Macron's rehabilitation of relations with Russia without its political transformation, preceded by the liberation of the Ukrainian territory, may result in a robust Russian emphasis on European integration in the EU's eastern neighbourhood.