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L’Invité D&B: The EU’s eastern neighborhood at a new crossroad – between electoral riddles and security crises

Healing the Eastern Neighborhood from anti-democratic shortcomings and insecurity must become a European priority, and to achieve this goal, the EU needs quick and preventive strategic thinking and planning.

L’Invité D&B: “Macronization” of EU-Russia ties and effects on Eastern neighborhood

Macron's rehabilitation of relations with Russia without its political transformation, preceded by the liberation of the Ukrainian territory, may result in a robust Russian emphasis on European integration in the EU's eastern neighbourhood.

L’Invité D&B: Russia’s pragmatic game in a friendlier Moldova

There is nothing less stable than the ruling coalition in Moldova - now it has terminated the rule of oligarch Plahotniuc. Geopolitical questions arise.

RFI: L’Ukraine en salle d’attente, spectatrice des élections européennes

Le soutien à l'intégration reste très élevé, à 57% selon le groupe Rating. Les 5 dernières années ont néanmoins montré aux Ukrainiens les possibilités de la solidarité européenne, et ses limites.

RFI: Des milliers d’Ukrainiens remercient Petro Porochenko à Kiev

A Kiev, plusieurs milliers de partisans de Petro Porochenko sont venus le remercier pour ce qu'ils voient comme des réalisations historiques des 5 dernières années. Un hommage, de la détermination, ou du déni?

L’Invité D&B: Post-electoral Moldova: between Russia’s warnings, absence of EU and snap elections

Moldova is heading for snap elections without the negotiations on the formation of the government having been started. Moscow has some suggestions. The EU is in silent mode.

Mediapart: la campagne sans programme de Volodymyr Zelenski ratisse large

Une campagne « dégagiste » qui transcende les clivages habituels du pays, autour d’un programme très flou. Une opportunité unique pour certains, un saut dans le vide pour d'autres.

L’Invité D&B: Pro-EU reluctance versus Euroscepticism in the rhetoric of Moldova’s elections

The pro-European rhetoric is present in the electoral campaign of 2019, but to a lesser extent than in previous parliamentary elections - it is now restricted to foreign policy - by Dionis Cenusa.

L’Invité D&B: Adaptability of Russian factor in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in European integration context

Owing to the existence of pro-Russian parties that are ready to reach agreements with for now unknown concessions, Russia’s prospects in Moldova are clearly superior to those it can pursue in Georgia or Ukraine...

L’Invité D&B: Ten forecasts for 2019: Reconfiguration of European agenda in Moldova and the rule of law crisis in EU

Elections are nearing in Moldova. It is a crucial moment for the country's democracy and its European course - by Dionis Cenusa