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L’Invité D&B: The EU, the “Magnitsky Act” and targeting autocrats in the Eastern neighborhood.

In order to revive the democratic processes in the Eastern Partnership, the EU must show its full openness to use the sanctions regime in order to stop the violations of authoritarian regimes against democratic freedoms...

The Calvert Journal: A journey from the Black sea to the Caspian coast

In the spring of 2019, myself and photographer Pascal Dumont decided to embark on a journey across the Russian Caucasus, covering nine distinct regions in a single trip. We didn’t want to miss out on anything the region had to offer, so we began our trip on the Black Sea and ended it on the ...

L’Invité D&B: Moldova-Russia relationship and the post-Dodon transition – between “rational” and “emotional” approaches

The post-Dodon transition means both the exit of partial isolation of the presidency towards the West and a new attempt by Moldovan pro-European forces to build a more predictable relationship with the Kremlin.


Eastern Radar #1

“Eastern Radar” is a newsletter by D&B member Fabrice Deprez that will bring each week a digest of select, overlooked stories and relevant links about Eastern Europe. You can read the full first issue right here on D&B, but consider subscribing to receive the next issues in your mail box! What caused the wildfires that ...

L’Invité D&B: Moldova’s election: a strong popular vote for a “weak” political institution

The existing configuration in the parliament and executive branch does not serve Sandu’s plans to implement immediate radical changes. She has to confront a parliament without a majority and a government that was appointed by Dodon. That limits her maneuverability considerably at the beginning of her mandate. Positive and negative scenarios can both emerge out of the lack of ability to leverage power.

L’Invité D&B: “Inevitable” geopolitical elections in Moldova

The EU looks at the elections as yet another test, after which it will decide how to calibrate its financial assistance. The Russian politicians are shaping instead a narrative that aims to counter the Western presence.

Russian Patriarch Kyrill (left) ordains Belarussian metropolitan Veniamin (right) @patriarchia.ru

Religioscope: En Biélorussie, des confessions religieuses face aux enjeux géopolitiques

Si la plupart des prélats, notamment chrétiens orthodoxes, se contentent d’appels au calme et au dialogue dans leurs communications publiques, la sphère religieuse est bel et bien en ébullition. Au-delà des incertitudes actuelles, certains équilibres structurels pourraient être remis en cause.

BMB Russia: Weekly Columns #13

Fabrice Deprez is a weekly columnist on Russian politics for BMB Russia. Following are the columns published in BMB Russia’s weekly newsletter from May to early July 2020. Subscribe to BMB Russia & Ukraine here. July 7 One week of voting on the 206 amendments to the Russian constitution concluded as the Electoral Commission announced 77.92% of ...

L’Invité D&B: The perspective of Russia, China and the EU on the political crisis in Belarus – between intervention, support and influence

Given that the political crisis is already geopolitical, the Belarusian opposition must capitalize on geopolitical factors in its favor, just as Lukashenko does...

Russian Patriarch Kyrill (left) ordains Belarussian metropolitan Veniamin (right) @patriarchia.ru

Geopolitics of Christian Orthodoxy & the Belarussian crisis

It was time to have "at the head of the Belarusian Church a man who was born in Belarus, knows Belarusian and was raised in a Belarusian milieu" - how Russian patriarch Kyrill understands the national question in the mid of Belarussian protests